Project Management

Schedules : Material Experimentation : Vendor Researching : Finish Samples : Story Boards : we love it all and do it all.  Successful projects start here.

Design Theory

We break down each project into three categories that help the team focus on the factors that make or break a design:


Mechanics : Functions that can sometimes push form into a specific mechanical direction

Dynamics : What tools can help us achieve sound mechanics given the design goals we are trying to achieve

Aesthetics : How can we keep the form, push the function, and end up with an aesthetically pleasing end result


Our craftsmen focus on growth.  Through work with various materials – woods : glass : metals : plastics : composites : solid surface : technology – our team is constantly growing their knowledge base to provide clients with confidence in every aspect of our work.


Post-fabrication, our teams of local installers help us to put the final stamp on each project.  From anywhere in the continental US, to teams of partners worldwide, we ensure the final product is installed with optimal expertise.