We Are

Thoughtful Thinkers : Digging through details to develop the proper project path. From material selection all the way through final installation, we work with our client team to develop the perfect experience.

We Design

We break down each project into three categories that help the team focus on the factors that make or break a design:

Mechanics : Functions that can sometimes push form into a specific mechanical direction

Dynamics : What tools can help us achieve sound mechanics given the design goals we are trying to achieve

Aesthetics : How can we keep the form, push the function, and end up with an aesthetically pleasing end result

We Build

Human Connections : Building experiences means more to us than just expert craftsmanship.  We build on the human connection, bringing a team approach to each project.

We Push

Boundaries : Some projects just involve more.  More engineering : More experimentation : More detail : Less gravity. We push that boundary to provide the proper lasting solution to complete a successful experience.

We Ignore

The Negatives : Every project will come with a “you can’t” or “this won’t”. All projects have challenges – our goal is to overcome them and not get bogged down in the negatives.

We Laugh

Passion : Saying we are passionate about what we do is cliche.  Instead, we laugh and enjoy each day and every challenge. In a fast-paced, deadline-driven project, keeping positive can be the difference between success and failure.